Accredited courses - Foreign language certificates

Accredited courses - Foreign language certificates
LINGUA TRANSCRIPT issues, on request, a Diploma accredited by the National Authority for Qualifications, since we are an authorized center for 
  • Accredited courses of German language
  • Accredited courses of English language
  • Accredited courses of Italian language
The courses are organized in Bucharest and in any other city in the country
Accredited courses - Foreign language certificates

The attestations take the form of a Certificate of Completion (Graduation) mentioning the type and number of hours of the training program and followed by a descriptive supplement that includes a detailed description of the acquired competences. The diplomas are subject to the conditions regarding the acts of studies.

The diploma issued after a foreign language course is completed is recognized professionally according to the legislation in force (Government Emergency Ordinance 129 / 2000, republished). This type of diploma is the only legal document under which the corresponding occupation can be entered in the employment record card, according to the Romanian Classification of Occupations (COR).

Furthermore, these diplomas are recognized internationally by the members countries of the Convention of Hague. They can be recognized by the other countries by higher authentication.

This diploma is issued in exchange for a price.

Accredited courses - Foreign language certificates

The foreign language center LINGUA TRANSCRIPT issues the following documents for all the trainees:

  • Lingua Transcript Graduation Diploma issued free of charge after the completion of the last module of the foreign language studied in Lingua Transcript courses; it acts as a certificate. The diploma mentions the five standard linguistic competences – reding, listening, conversation, verbal speech, writing, as well as the position on the European Language Passport framework from A1 to C2.
  • Attendance certificate issued, free of charge, on request, after each Lingua Transcript course module is completed with an attendance of at least 70%.
  • Certificate of level issued, in exchange for a price, after a (verbal and written) test. It indicates the level of knowledge of the tested foreign language and it recommends the course to which the candidate should subscribe. 
Accredited courses - Foreign language certificates

How can I know the module I should attend?

To find out your knowledge level for the foreign language you want to study, you can take right now an online test. You will find out the group fitting your level based on the result of the qualification test.
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Additional to these certificates, Lingua TranScript offers training courses for the taking of the international certification exams: Cambridge, Oxford, Goethe-Zertifikat, DELE, CILS, DALF, DELF, etc.