English Language Conversation Club

English Language Conversation Club
  • Every meeting starts with a new debate of general interest, maybe also with a video presentation, or from interactive games - such as parlor games
  • Networking sessions where culinary treats, wine, refreshments are served
  • Experts who are native speakers of English
  • Wednesdays or Thursdays 18:30 – 21:00, every two weeks.
English Language Conversation Club

If you want to talk and to listen more in English, if you are tired of being afraid to speak in English, if you have had it with getting stuck in a discussion simply because you can’t find the right words, we invite you to English Language Conversation Workshops; information on these workshops is available also at www.LinguaEvents.ro

The objective of attending the conversation club: to trust yourself and be fluent when you speak English. 

English Language Conversation Club

Schedule of the English Language Conversation Club

  • Wednesdays or Thursdays 18:30 – 21:00, once every two weeks.

What happens in the meetings of the Conversation Club?

Each meeting starts from a new debate of general interest, which may also include a video section; alternatively, it could start with interactive games – such as parlor games. The debate can start here and thus you will be able to use and improve your vocabulary!

•In the Debates workshops, you are free to express your opinions on a controversial topic, such as: Religion or Faith; Freelancer / Businessman or Employ? Do we stay in Romania or do we emigrate? Religion – as a subject matter in school or the financial education? Which is better: IQ or EQ? 

•On game nights, you take part in parlor games in English 

•You interact with expert speakers of native English 

•We greet you with a special range of wines, refreshments and culinary delights

•In the end, you will receive linguistic feedback from an expert 

The moderator will initiate the communication activities and he/she will moderate the discussion, intervening solely in order to help you with useful phrases.

The workshop begins with a 20-minute networking session; it goes on with a Pro debate session or a Game (depending on the type of event; then another networking session and beverage tasting, continued with a second Con debate or with a Game. 

How can you participate?

The conversation club is for individuals who are at least at an A2 level of English. 

For this reason, we recommend that, before you enroll, you take the online English language test and communicate the result to us. 

Are you ready? Solve the test now >>

You can take part in the conversation club by purchasing:

  • One of the types of subscription:
  • The individual package 4-EVENINGS-PACKAGE: https://www.linguaevents.ro/4-evenings-package

Why should you take part in the English language socializing theme evenings?

  • You will spend quality time in a relaxing, comfortable and cheerful environment
  • You will enhance your range of contacts with people with whom you share interests
  • You will improve your range of information and practice lateral thinking
  • You will improve your skills of communication in the languages in which you are interested 
If you need additional information on what happens on the Foreign Language Conversation Evenings, please access the Lingua Events website: www.LinguaEvents.ro or contact us by phone at 0722.333.082, by e-mail at: office@linguatranscript.ro, or online by using the Contact page.