French Language Courses for Adults

French Language Courses for Adults
  • We offer long-term day or evening courses – 2 sessions per week, weekend courses or intensive courses (3-4 sessions per week)
  • All the courses comply with the corresponding methodology for the international certification exams
  • General language courses and specialized language courses
French Language Courses for Adults
Lingua TranScript offers French language courses both in the general field and in specialized fields, such as: economic, medical, legal, technical, based on the following levels, according to the Common European Framework of Reference:
  • Course for beginners, respectively level A1
  • Elementary course, respectively level A2
  • Intermediate course, respectively level B1
  • Upper-intermediate course, respectively level B2
  • Course for advanced learners, respectively level C1
  • Proficiency course, respectively level C2
French Language Courses for Adults

How do I know which French language course is right for me?


To find out your level of French language knowledge, you can take right now an online French language test. You will find out the group fitting your level based on the result of the qualification test.

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French Language Courses for Adults

Handbooks used in the French language courses for adults

Handbooks from the publishing houses Hachette, Didier, etc. are used.

These handbooks are completed by worksheets, organizing sheets, auxiliary materials selected by the teacher.

French language courses – teaching mode

  • Long-term day or evening courses – 2 sessions / week
  • Weekend courses
  • Intensive courses: 3-4 sessions / week
  • Exams: All the courses follow the methodology in line with the international certification exams DELF and DALF