Certified / notarized translations

Certified / notarized translations
Our team of professional translators delivers certified translations and we ensure their authentication by a Notary Public.
Certified / notarized translations

Lingua TranScript offers services of certified / notarized translations: technical, economic, legal, medical, literary, financial-banking translations, translations of advertising materials, IT translations such as: construction and operating handbooks and documentations, legal, financial, banking, business documents, medical documentation, websites and advertising campaigns, etc. 

We deliver certified / notarized translations and interpretation from and in any language. 

We also offer certified / notarized translations from one foreign language to another foreign language. For example:
  • translations from English to German and from German to English
  • translations from German to French and from French to German

The translations are made by certified translators selected both based on their experience as certified translators, and based on their experience as translators in a specialized field: economic, legal, technical, IT, etc.