Technical translations

Technical translations
Translations of technical documents, such as vehicle operating manuals, user guidelines, quality certificates, etc.
Technical translations

The team of Lingua Transcript has translators certified by the Romanian Ministry of Justice; they have vast experience in technical translations, and they can handle proficiently the terminology in this field.

The technical translations delivered by our team stand out by the quality stemming from the translators’ excellent training, the accuracy and improved attention paid to each technical translation.

We offer technical translations in the following fields of activity:

  • energy
  • electricity
  • oil industry
  • vehicle industry – constructions, service and distribution
  • civil and industrial constructions
  • electronics
  • electrotechnics
  • electrical engineering
  • energy conservation
  • hydraulics
  • mechanical engineering
  • medical equipment
  • telecommunications and IT
  • software applications
  • construction materials
  • chemical and petrochemical industry
  • medicine

Some of the documents for which we perform technical translations are: 

  • user, installation and service handbooks
  • vehicle handbooks, vehicle guidelines
  • technical documentations – tender books, technical specifications
  • construction projects, estimates
  • certificates of quality
  • product labels, etc.