Translations of film subtitles

Translations of film subtitles
Professional subtitling services for video materials and audio material transcription for most international languages.
Translations of film subtitles

The team of Lingua TranScript offers professional services of video material subtitling and transcription of audio materials for most international languages.

The subtitles are made by a team of certified translations and experienced technicians able to adapt the text for the viewing and easy understanding of the message. 

Required elements for film subtitle translations: 

  • For a correct translation and subtitle/ transcription, our team need access to the audio / video sources, in a quality as high as possible.
  • As applicable, some clients submit the translation of the material, and they request solely the subtitle. In this case, the text needs only the adaptation and preparation for the synchronization with the lines in the soundtrack. 

We can offer quality subtitles for video records, such as: 

  • films, video advertisements, product or service presentations
  • teleconferences, TV shows, documentaries, webcasts, shows
Most of the times, the subtitle service may also require the editing of the source video material.
For example, some clients ask that the subtitle be included directly in the video image rather than in an external file.